Spring '19 Partner Throwdown Recap!

'19 Partner Throwdown Squad - Inside.jpg

It was a two-horse race going into the final workout, and neither horse was named Asians with Attitude.
Dad WOD (Jason Whaylen + Everett Kimball) had the lead over Full-Fat Dairy (Ian Velinsky + Mike Giglio), but if Full-Fat Dairy could win, and get some help from Asians with Attitude (AWA, Steven + Jason Liu), there was still a chance.
Dad WOD won the first two workouts of the day and were hungry to redeem themselves after losing points in the Deadlift Ladder and Max KB Press test.
AWA’s day started slow. Neither of the first two workouts suited their strengths but as soon as they got to the deadlift ladder they tightened their belts and managed to squeak past Full-Fat Dairy to take first place in the event. After the KB presses were entered into the rankings AWA found themselves sitting in third with the chance to play spoiler.
Full-Fat Dairy had to win the final workout; Ian’s calf had other plans. Maybe it was the lack of electrolytes, or lack of Vanilla Icelandic Yogurt eaten using the foil lid bent into a spoon, but once the calf cramped up there was nothing else to do but throw in the towel.
Dad WOD witnessed Ian's withdrawal from the competition and knew first place was theirs. Not in the final workout, but for the overall standings. Despite having the competition sewn up, Jason and Everett pushed themselves to the limit and came away second in the event.
After the dust had cleared, Dad WOD sat in first place, AWA in second, and Full-Fat Dairy had dropped to third.
L & N (Lynn Blubaugh and Nonye Uddoh) put on a clinic from start to finish. Out of 5 possible scores, they had four first-place finishes and one second. Going into the final workout, their position was never in doubt.
Quad Squad (Jess Raptis + Macy Garcia) took a similar route as AWA. The first two workouts didn’t play to their strengths but as soon as the Deadlifts and KB Presses were complete they found themselves in second place with Teenage Dirtbags (Annie Dempsey + Melissa Erickson) hot on their heels.
Quad Squad rose to the challenge and came away with an event win in the final workout, handing L & N their only second place finish in the process. They finished the day in second place and Teenage Dirtbags rounded out the podium in third.
A big thank you is extended to all the teams who participated, donated money, and made this event an overwhelming success! As a group we were able to raise $400 for Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, a very worthy cause!
For those unable to attend, we hope to see you at our next Throwdown. For everyone that competed, keep training hard and working on your weakness (or your partner selection tactics) so you can climb the leaderboard and gain some well deserved bragging rights over your fellow athletes!