50 Kettlebell Swings A Day Challenge! 

Ian Kettlebell Swing.jpg

“If it’s important, do it every day. If it’s not, don’t do it all.” – Dan Gable, Olympic & NCAA Champion Wrestler

One easy way to spice up your workouts and keep things interesting in the gym is to give yourself a 30 day challenge where you pick a particular skill or exercise to ideally perform daily for the full duration. In keeping with commonly accepted research on behavior change  and habit formation, a 30 day period is a sweet-spot when it comes to both seeing progress while also realistically staying focused and sticking to your goal.  

So here’s the rundown: for the month of August, we’ll be doing a daily Kettlebell Swing challenge, to be performed before or after class (or on your own at home, on the road, etc.). Swing the heaviest bell you can for 50 unbroken, consecutive reps, with high quality technique of course. Start at a reasonable weight, and as you invariably get stronger, feel free to gradually increase the weight. The goal here is consistency – namely, do it as many days as you can. If you can’t make it to the gym and don’t have practical access to any kettlebells, perform 50 burpees instead. 

While 50 swings may not seem like much, you’d be surprised how much a difference this simple act can have in positively impacting your work capacity, grip & core strength, swing technique, body composition, and more. Again, perform your swings before or after class; reps performed during class in the context of warm-ups and WODs don’t count. August always seems to be a hectic month when it comes to vacations and the like, so let’s keep accountability high and finish the summer on a strong note by crushing it in the gym between now and Labor Day Weekend! Daily tracking sheet will be posted at the gym on the whiteboard, are you in?