Athlete Best Practices

“We are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference.”

When it comes to sustainable, long-term success in the realm of fitness, fat loss, and health there are certain behaviors top performers typically have in common. Keep in mind, nobody is perfect nor should 100% discipline and adherence to our habits be the mark we strive for. Rather, we should aim to check as many important “boxes” as we can, as often as we can. In doing so, we will likely continue to make progress in pursuit of our goals both in the gym and outside of it. Here’s the list, for reference:
Successful Athletes:

  • Keep a training log and know their personal bests

  • Are consistent in their training and don’t make excuses (either do or don’t, there is no “try”)

  • Are willing to prioritize and make sacrifices to accommodate their workouts as needed

  • Focus on cultivating a healthly, well-rounded lifestyle to empower their performance (sleep, diet, stress management)

  • Have things they are working on outside of class – movement, mobility, aerobic endurance, specific weaknesses, etc.

  • Are “coachable” and want to be coached

  • Are good listeners, and aren’t afraid to ask questions for clarity or about how to get better

  • Have other physical pursuits outside of CrossFit. What’s the point of being fit if you never use your fitness in real life?

  • Recognize that the details matter. Small refinements compound over time to create large change

  • Tend to focus internally (in your control) vs. compare themselves to others (external focus; out of your control)

  • Work hard and are competitive! There’s no shortcuts or elevators to the top and you’ve got to always find new ways to challenge and push yourself

  • Have good attitudes! Whining and complaining are a choice and make nobody better

  • Show up prepared and ready to workout. They’ve eaten and hydrated and are mentally and physically ready to go

  • Show up on time (if not early) and typically stay late. Same rules that apply in the real world

  • Are willing to trust the process, presuming the process works & makes sense

  • Have a long term vision of where they want to be, and are willing to be patient to achieve that vision

This is by no means a complete list of habits and behaviors to emulate, but rather a collection of best practices exhibited by consistently successful athletes here at CFSS. Let this serve as a guide to help you figure out where you can make improvements and adjustments to consistently look, feel, and perform better! As a reminder, if you identify areas where you’d like to improve, but are unsure how best to go about it, just ask a coach for advice!