CF Open Gear Recommendations

By: Marcos Hernandez

With the CrossFit Open right around the corner, here’s a few gear recommendations to help you hopefully perform better and make it through the next few weeks unscathed. You don’t need to get any of these items to participate, however each item has its benefits and may come in handy on certain workouts.
1) Wrist Wraps (18”)
There will be undoubtedly be overhead/front-rack barbell work, handstand push-ups, burpees, and other movements that will place a strain on your wrists. These are great for improved wrist stability and reducing the chance of soreness & sprains.
2) Gymnastics Grips 
Rogue Fitness Grips & Victory Grips
The Open will have pull-up bar work. Think Pull Ups, Toes to Bar, Muscle Ups, and everything in between. They will probably show up in multiple workouts and potentially in very high volumes. Ripping your hands is a surefire way to ruin your workout and your week, so consider investing in a pair of these. The Victory Grips, while more expensive, are the best you can get.
3) Knee Sleeves
Rehband Knee Sleeves & Hoogkrip Knee Sleeves
Knee sleeves provide warmth and compression when lifting, helping the overall health of the knee and preventing knee trauma. If you’ve ever injured your knees or if they’ve got some miles on them, invest in knee sleeves and thank us later.
There are two types you can look at. The Rehband knee sleeves provide more cushioning, compression, and warmth; the hookgrip ones are primarily for warmth and better for everyday use. If you need help deciding what you need please feel free to ask a coach for advice.
4) Weightlifting Belt
Remember the workout with 55 Deadlifts? Or when the one with a 1-rep max lift? That’s why you need a belt, enough said. And this simple, easily adjustable Valeo belt is quick on and off so you can always grab it or lose it mid-WOD without wasting precious time.
5) Jump Rope
Don’t complain about not having double-unders if you haven’t even taken the step of getting your own rope. Having your own rope helps immensely! With YOUR rope you can better get the timing and pacing needed for DUs while practicing away from the gym. You also wont have to worry about someone grabbing your “favorite” because you’ll have a jump rope specifically fitted to your preference.

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