Important Parking Updates!

In an effort to improve the parking situation and deter individuals from using the shared parking lot on the side of the gym, our landlord, InsideOut Services, has decide to start enforcing stricter parking regulations effect immediately. To clarify, we still have our 3 spots in the front of the gym as well as the 4 dedicated spots on the side of the building nearest the gym. As many of you may recall when you first came to the gym, you were directed to park in those specific spots. While we've never had legitimate claim to other spots in the lot, it has rarely, if ever, been an issue in practice. However, due to the rise in 3rd party individuals taking advantage of our private lot, they've decided to implement a parking permit program with their employees and retain a new towing company as well. Warnings will be issues for the month of June, but beginning July 1, they will be towing cars who aren't parked where they should be.
Here's the takeaway - you are still welcome to park in the first 4 spots on the right side of the lot, to double park in the 3 spots directly in front of the gym, and anywhere on the street lawful to park. Keep in mind, there has always been adequate parking on the street, it just may require some more walking than we're accustomed to. We will be issuing regular reminders in classes to adjust to this new system, but please keep it in mind moving forward and act as if the new rules are fully in effect immediately.