It’s not a gym, but rather an approach to life’s challenges. It’s an hour in your day that nobody can take away from you. A time you know you did something, even if the rest of the day is a bust. Do it, now.
— Erick Mullen

CFSS is absolutely top notch. Tremendous coaching staff that take a special interest in helping people of all skill levels pursue their goals and maximize their athletic potential. Perhaps most impressive is their emphasis on fundamentals and proper technique to avoid injury. That coupled with a fun yet competitive atmosphere and their willingness to work with clients and physical therapists to modify exercises as needed make CFSS an excellent place to get into shape!
— Jim Conroy

I walked in looking like a deer in headlights, and was welcomed by really wonderful coaches and members. The community here is really special, and time is spent making sure that everyone can grow regardless of background.
— Tai LaShawn

I feel like I should write paragraphs about my time here, but I really don’t need to say much— this place saved my life while I was living in MD.

New to CrossFit, I decided to give it a go... by the time I left to move back north I was in arguably the best shape of my life. Josh recruited me for the Olympic weightlifting sessions. After a couple months, my shoulder issue I’ve been dealing with for years disappeared and I was putting up more weight than ever. CrossFit strengthens everything including your mind. It repairs outdated ways of thinking and lifting. I can’t thank this gym enough— I’ll miss it. I’m taking a lot of knowledge back home from this place.
— Alex Krutchkoff

I moved to the DC area in March 2014 from Utah. One of the first Crossfit boxes I went to was Crossfit Silver Spring. They were very welcoming. I ended up liking my first experience, however I still wanted to look around at other boxes in the area JUST to be sure.

I ended up trying a few more Crossfit boxes out and going with a box that was closer to my job in Alexandria. This ended up being a mistake in my opinion. I enrolled in a membership at Trident Crossfit, which had a huge gym. A bunch of people, but one thing I realized quickly is, it’s not always about the size of the gym, but the people involved and that are running it. It was a good box, however just not a good fit for me.

I wanted to get better at Weightlifting, and researched some Barbell clubs in the area. Turns out, one of the best barbell clubs in the area was at a Crossfit box I already visited; which was Crossfit Silver Spring. Eventually I called Marcos and Josh back and they remembered me from before. They were more than happy to hear about my goals, and not only get better at crossfitting, but dedicating more time to the Olympic lifts!

Since then I’ve enjoyed my time, and found a new love in the sport of Weightlifting. If you are in the area and looking for a fun atmosphere, as well as getting a kick ass workout then Crossfit Silver Spring is the spot. If you REALLY want to have some fun, ask about the El Jefe Barbell Club!
— Brandon Grimes

Amazing box. I’ve been fortunate to be able to drop into this box whenever I’m in DC area for work. Such a welcoming community, coaches are knowledgeable, will spend time giving you coaching and feedback, even if your just there for the day! Workouts are challenging but scalable, so all levels are welcomed. There is such a variety every time I come there. I love that daily there is a strength and a conditioning WOD. Josh and his team are amazing, well worth the visit, if your thinking about crossfit, do yourself a favor and stop in!
— Carly Martell
Having spent the last 8 months with CrossFit Silver Spring, I feel it’s about time I pay it forward. I was no stranger to the gym prior to joining CFSS, but I certainly thought and acted like I knew more about fitness than was actually true. After falling off the wagon plenty of times, I finally found CFSS. I initially started with just the Barbell club, but eventually added CrossFit classes on top of barbell. All I can say is THANK YOU to the coaches. Whether it’s at barbell or during a CrossFit WOD, the coaches keep things fun, intense, and most importantly they keep you accountable. No they won’t baby you, but they will let you know (respectfully) when you need/should be picking up the pace, or really dialing in your nutrition. They do this not to push you harder because they think you can be better, they do this because they KNOW you can be better. As for my own personal fitness after joining CFSS, I have managed to learn new lifts, achieve higher numbers on individual lifts, and have managed to improve my overall mobility and health. I quite literally live, eat, and move better thanks to CFSS. In closing, you won’t find a better place to get fit. The community and the coaches are top notch and will keep you coming not because you paid for it, but because you simply love it.
— Franklin Morgan